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I want to be honest about my motivations for running for President. While I have some innovative ideas regarding our economy, schools, and healthcare, the core mission of my campaign is to encourage other Americans from all walks of life to run for office. I am not a wealthy individual, nor do I have extensive political experience. Rather, I am a father, a veteran, and an ordinary citizen, much like you reading this. I believe that our nation is headed towards a bleak future if we do not change our current trajectory; however, I also believe that there is a peaceful way forward, and my candidacy is an opportunity to demonstrate this to others.

Before the Revolutionary War, colonists struggled with their loyalty to the British regime versus their desire for a free society. Today, we face a similar dilemma. The corporate control of both our politicians and our media apparatus has reached the point of oppression. So, we must again declare our independence. Let’s turn away from those beholden to the demands of the elite, and let’s unite behind the kind of authentic leadership our self-governed society demands from its citizens. This can be done, but it will require all of us to come together to identify and support new leaders in an organic manner.

In America, there are over 500,000 elected local, state, and federal offices, which is only about 0.15% of our population. If we wake up and acknowledge the potential consequences of our inaction, we can work together to identify better leaders among us, free from the influence of corporate conglomerates that have financed politics for far too long. That said, I am simply doing what I know I can to make sure that happens, but I can’t do anything by myself. Sharing this message takes a grassroots effort like no other. If you believe in what I’m sharing with you, I humbly believe it is your duty, not just to share it with others, but seek within yourself and around you for the leadership we need. I love my country and all those within it. God bless!

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I know there is nothing me or any one person can do alone to get our nation on an upward trajectory. There are over 500,000 elected positions in America, ALL in need of leadership. A self-governed society requires YOU to be a leader, and I want to teach you how to get started!

-Marcus Carter


In 1776, our founding fathers were forced to choose freedom over oppression. Today, we are being confronted with the same choice. We can either submit to the oppression our elite-controlled government imposes, or we can stand up and declare our independence. Please do your part in helping us succeed. Thank you!

-Marcus Carter


The number one goal of my campaign is to encourage each American to fulfill their own duties of leadership. But I also believe my views on our most pressing issues resonate with the majority of Americans, as well. I encourage you to learn more about me and where I stand on the issues.

-Marcus Carter

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  • Marcus Carter with his family.
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  • Marcus Carter during a deployment to Afghanistan
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