There is no more urgent issue facing the world today than ensuring a peaceful resolution to the war in Ukraine. We must call on our elected officials to end America’s own provocations that continue to escalate this conflict and increase the threat of nuclear war. Download, print, or copy the message below to send to your representative demanding the United States works only to establish peace in Ukraine.


To my elected representative:

As an American citizen, it is my duty to notify those elected to represent me when their actions or inactions in government fail to achieve the core purpose of acting in a manner demonstrative of those they represent. This message is being sent with the absolute utmost urgency that we end our involvement in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine immediately and dedicate our entire efforts toward ensuring a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

I do not support the actions of Vladimir Putin, nor do I feel he is justified in his invasion, but I am an American, not a Russian. Therefore, I must insist on focusing on the actions of America instead of attempting to justify our evils simply due to the evils of another; that is no excuse. The American people are not blind to the provocations our government has continually placed on Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union and are especially aware of the United States’ direct involvement in recent events that provoked the escalations being experienced today. We are aware of:

· NATO’s expansion east of Germany against promises made to Russia

· NATO’s refusal to allow Russian membership while simultaneously offering membership to Russian border countries.

· American elites operating in Ukraine in ways that benefit themselves but harm Russia.

· Propaganda campaigns, both the corporate media spewing the narratives our government tells them, and social media bots exasperating online conversations.

· Western financiers overthrowing the Ukrainian government in 2014, ultimately paving the way for the war today.

· The West preventing a peace agreement months ago, causing further bloodshed and destruction in Ukraine.

· Hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars being used to fuel this conflict.

· The United States apparent determination to continue fueling this terrible event without any concern of consequences in mind nor the will of the American People at heart.

· The influence and manipulation the United States government has burdened Ukraine with for the benefit of the American elite and imperialistic agendas and to created obstacles for Russia.

As your constituent, it is my duty to demand you to stop this, immediately. It is time the United States comes clean about its own involvement that ultimately provoked Putin and stop being the hypocritical tyrants the world knows us to be. True, good faith diplomacy can and must be achieved, and doing so will pave the way for a more safe and secure future for the world. The United States and Russia must disavow their imperialistic behaviors from the past and abstain from any imperialistic behaviors in the future for the people of Ukraine to secure their own future and destiny. As my representative, it is your duty to express my concerns and act in accordance with them. I demand you do your part to ensure our involvement in Ukraine ends immediately, and more is done to the United States does not continue to be bad faith aggressors.


Your Constituent


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